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Sold Branded Content Campaigns


Paramount Pictures - Sonic the Hedgehog 

Selling through a first-to-market idea integrating Sonic into the scenes of UGC clips, we animated sprites to create a custom video focused on Sonic's super speed to get fans excited to see the movies in theaters.

Prego Mock

Prego Mock

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Paramount Pictures - Jackass Forever 

On Jackass Forever's premiere, we let them take complete control over FailArmy's social channels with jackass themed single clip series, trailer previews, takeover announcement video, and this custom shot Jackass Quiz Show with overall campaign results exceeding all benchmarks, making it the perfect partnership.

Paramount Pictures -
Top Gun Maverick 

To build excitement amongst a new generation in Top Gun: Maverick, we made a custom docu-series showing real-life “Young Mavericks” highlighting up & comers who are paving the way in excellence within their respective disciplines. 

Paramount Pictures -
80 for Brady

We eventized the premiere of 80 for Brady with a 5-part “Life Is Better With Friends” custom video series that combined UGC videos of best friends in hilarious real-life scenarios with relevant clips from the film. 

Fox - Housebroken

To promote the premiere season of Fox's new animated series, Housebroken, we took clips from the show and matched them with thematically aligned real-life UGC pet moments to create a series of snackable single-clip videos.

ABC - Bless This Mess

For ABC's new series about a newlywed couple's plan to leave the big city for Nebraska that doesn't go as expected, we tapped into FailArmy's "Reasons Why" format to create a hilarious video on country living, where we seamlessly integrated moments from the show.

ABC - Home Economics Season Two

Getting the word out and announcing Season 2 of ABC's hit series, Home Economics on ABC! FailArmy got cast members Topher Grace and Karla Souza to react to the best family fails we've ever seen that were also thematically aligned with scenes from the show.

Hulu - Solar Opposites Season One

We inspired our fans to experience the sidesplitting absurdities that Solar Opposites brought into our world by tapping into one of the most popular franchise series, “8 Reasons Why.” Using hilarious clips, character integration with on-screen text, & clips from Season 1, we showed the Schlorpians weren’t the only ones who found it difficult to be new in town. 

Hulu - Solar Opposites Season Two

Returning for another partnership for Season 2, we created custom episodes of FailArmy's popular Fail News series to promote Hulu's Solar Opposites' new season, starring Zackass from Jackass Forever.

Hulu - This Fool
Season One

Based on Chris Estrada's comedy of being a "punk *ss b*tch," we created a series of single clips paired with thematically aligned clips from the show to promote Season 1 of This Fool, hitting on the show's themes of breaking free from old patterns to live a better life.

Hulu - History of the World Pt. 2

We created a series that took a hilarious look at real-life moments that represent a modern-day version of history repeating. Paired with scenes from History of the World Pt. 2, we showed their historical persona to excite fans to take a REAL look at history and stream the series on Hulu.

Disney+ - Turner and Hooch

We engaged millions of The Pet Collective fans with short-form, snackable custom videos that brought Hooch’s detective doggo duties to life through hilarious real-world pet moments paired with footage from Turner & Hooch.

Disney+ - The One & Only Ivan

We created a custom "Free to Be" series of engaging custom videos inspired by the special bonds between Ivan and his crew of circus pals. Our single-clip videos featured the cutest interspecies friendships captured on camera to excite fans to stream The One & Only Ivan directly on Disney+.

20th Century Films - Call of the Wild

To get drive fans to theaters to watch Call of the Wild, we create a special mini-doc of "The Pawducer," capturing the real story behind the star of Call of the Wild and how one homeless dog suddenly found his way onto a major Hollywood movie.

TBS - The Misery Index

FailArmy & TBS teamed up to debut the premiere of The Misery Index in a FailArmy Streaming TV and social event. Hosted by The Impractical Jokers, our custom 30-minute programming block and social series delivered lots of laughs and never-before-seen clips co-curated by The Jokers and had them critique each one.

Quibi - Life Sized Toys

Since our fans are never too old for toys, we created a react series,"Kidulting," to excite fans for the Quibi show. We featured cast members from Life Sized Toys and had them give their funniest take on clips of real adults playing with toys and things they've otherwise outgrown. 

Cartoon Network - Asia

Using UGC featuring AAPI kids, we created a concept for Cartoon Network Asia's rebranding to promote their "Redraw Your World" messaging, aimed to reach tween kids and show families that CN Asia is home to family-friendly entertainment everyone can enjoy.


P&G - Pantene

We partnered with Pantene to celebrate and support #BeautifuLGBTQ families showing that the path to parenthood looks different for everyone, but the love that connects us makes us family. Check out our produced "Celebration of the Family" for Pantene here:

Campbell's - Save the Snow Day

Helping Campbell's keep the ❄️ magic alive! We created Poke My Heart video filled with kids all around the country enjoying playing in the snow to inspire viewers to sign the @Campbells pledge at to #Savethesnowday.

General Mills - Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Crunch's goal was to increase brand recognition & by connecting with their most influential consumer: Latinx Tweens. So, we created an engaging Tween-targeted campaign that integrated "Cinnamoji" animated characters directly into "CinnaFuego Fridays" custom compilations that built excitement & awareness for the CinnaFuego Toast Crunch product release.

Coca-Cola - Vitaminwater

For Vitaminwater, we sold through a first-to-market animated comedy series mixed with animation and UGC clips that follow DJ Dillon Francis, his childhood BFF Eric, and other famous faces. With Dillon and Eric getting inspired to make big ideas happen while watching TV on their sofa, we follow their hilarious journey of Vitaminwater, turning them into KINGS! 


Ryff - Cyberpower

Through a sponsored “8 Places Your Hardware Died Too Soon” video, we created a video that resonated with our audience by connecting to their frustrating battles with technology. We also used proprietary, next-generation intelligent image RYFF “placer” technology to seamlessly integrate branding and products into our content 


American Family Insurance - Auto

To support AmFam's Dream Fearlessly campaign, we created a series proving that life's best journeys aren't solely about the destination but also the rides that drive those fearless dreams. Our single-clip series used authentic & heartwarming auto moments that beautifully illustrated what happens on the open road of life.

Haven Life Insurance

Using key insights and building on the success of our first campaign, we tapped into a popular franchise series that focused on the benefits of protecting your family, showing how having life insurance is a significant step people can follow to take care of the people they love the most. ​


Pandora Jewelry

To align Pandora with nostalgic sentiment and being home for the holidays, we built awareness of Pandora's Timeless jewelry by leveraging authentic, timeless holiday UGC moments in our library, creating cross-screen content media program.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

After creating a video spec, we sold through a partnership with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to inspire people to sign up for their Team In Training program. Using extraordinary real-life physical feats, we aimed highlights LLS' best-in-class endurance challenges worldwide that raised money for pioneer groundbreaking research and advancements. 

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