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A Collection of Things I've Made Throughout the Years

Integrated Marketing Bingo

When you're an integrated marketer, there are definitely some reoccurring lines that we hear over and over again, so I created a Bingo sheet for my Team to add some laughter to the work that we do

Integrated Marketing Bingo

My Favorite Murder Bingo

A popular True Crime Podcast, My Favorite Murder, has built a highly engaged and loyal fan community. Taking some of the things that regularly come up in each episode, I created a Bingo sheet for the fans. Posted on the Podcast's Facebook page, it received over 4.6K likes and over 450 comments, many of which were people saying they planned to have a listening party and play with their friends.

MFM Bingo

Happy Holidays from the Jukin Sales Team

To wrap up another successful year together and add a little holiday cheer, I created a South Park Inspired meme celebrating the outstanding members of our team.

Jukin Sales Team Holiday Meme.jpg

Virtual Bridal Shower Zoom Background

As a part of my Muppet-loving colleague's virtual bridal shower, we each created unique Zoom backgrounds for the meeting. For mine, I made custom puppets that looked just like my colleague and her fiancee.

Virtual Bridal Shower Background.jpeg

Making the Big Bucks

The company strived to have no Friday meetings, which was only sometimes possible. In a team meeting, my coworker made a 'NO FRIDAY MEETINGS!' custom background and unfortunately forgot to change it before he had a meeting with the C-Suite. I surprised him with this at our next team meeting.

Rollin in Raz Bucks Background.jpg

Integrated Marketing Superheroes

At our 2022 Global Sales Conference, my team of integrated Marketing Superheroes gave a presentation about some of the pitches we did that broke significant business, so to get the conference excited for our presentation, I created a fun cover slide to kick things off. 

Sales Summit Presentation Cover

Team Sloth Forever

There was a debate in choosing a brand mascot. While the brand director was set on having it be a sloth, a member from a different team killed that idea. So, this was to soften the blow that that person had nothing but love for the sloth.

Team Sloths Forever

In Memory of Scarlet

After my heartbroken friend lost their fantastic dog, I wanted to make him a digital tribute.

Saint Scarlet.jpg

Zoom Background

At the beginning of the pandemic, I worked in the dining area, and my chow would bark whenever a delivery came, so I wanted to put a face to the bark. Of course, I had to add the rest of my WFH coworkers, too.

Zoom Background 2021.jpg

Zoom Background - Halloween Version

Halloween was a big deal in the office, and while we couldn't do the usual festivities, I wanted to keep the company's Halloween spirit alive.

Halloween Zoom Background copy.jpg

Where's My Work Fan?

My coworker was moving on to a new opportunity and had to drop off stuff at the office, and he was laser focused n getting his $10 work fan back. We were eagerly awaiting if it would be there, so I made this in case of the worst-case scenario.

Raz OnlyFans.jpg

Bring on the Brainstorms

On one of our seller's birthdays, I created this video for her because she brought in a lot of projects, and the creative possibilities were endless.

Bring on the Brainstorms!
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Cat TV

I adopted a kitten during the pandemic, so I created this TikTok to capture all the new things she was discovering.